4 Things We Wish We Had on Deployment

4 Things We Wish We Had on Deployment

While there is no question that American soldiers are battle and ready to go when they are on deployment, it can be a mentally demanding and lonely experience. We soldiers definitely miss our life back home, and there are many creature comforts that we wish we had on deployment but simply cannot get. Consider some of these:

Power Outlets

When we were back home, we definitely took all of our power outlets for granted. These days, a lot of soldiers can order unique items off of Amazon, and believe me, they do. However, power outlets come at a tremendous premium overseas. Of course, the one thing we never do is try to daisy chain power strips with extension cords. Since that is a bad idea and would be a fire hazard, we have to simply wait our turn to use an available built-in outlet.

More Food in the Care Packages

Opening a care package was better than Christmas morning. It was always hard to get decent amounts of American food since it’s so expensive to ship. It’s getting easier with organizations such as Any Soldier and Operation Gratitude putting care packages together and sending them. Putting care packages together is definitely a valuable public service that you can do for someone that is deployed. Even if we can’t get everything where we are stationed, we will take what we can get.

Decent Internet Access

Getting internet access in remote locations can be a bit of a challenge. However, internet access is often the best way for us to communicate with our loved one. Unfortunately, if you are a spouse or family member of someone in the armed forces, it would be to everyone’s advantage if you carried a cell phone with you at all times. We are doing critical missions in these remote countries, and cell phone service is not always a guarantee. Simply put, schedules for internet and cell phone access can be a challenge to maintain.

Noise-Filtering Headphones

Those of us who have served realize that war can be a noisy endeavor. Between the generators running, the helicopters flying overhead and the constant marching, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Thus, noise-canceling headsets can be a godsend.

As you can see, troops on deployment have a lot of needs. This is why a little advance planning is required. Find out from your loved one what is allowed for you to send, and then, by all means, send it in order to make their tough work just a little bit better!

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