Our Mission

Body Armor and Tactical Gear is the name of the game here at In Case of FUBAR, LLC. As experienced military veterans, we understand the need to own your very own reliable set of Tactical Combat Gear and Body Armor. Whether you are expecting an up coming deployment or deployed and need some replacement high-speed, low-drag gear, or you need a personal set to have around for work of in case of a FUBAR situation, we have the gear you need.  Currently we contract with multiple corporate companies ran by veterans providing services for the veteran community and other private corporations.

We proudly support the First Responders, Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT’s, Private Security, Military members of all branches and status, and any other United States law abiding citizen that strives to keep these United States healthy and safe. We strive to provide all our customers quality Tactical Gear and Body Armor you want at discount prices.

Our customer service is rated 5 stars by our costumers.

Meet the Team

In Case of FUBAR is owned and operated by military veterans with help from our partners. We are based in and operate out of Phoenix, Arizona. We perform 100% of our business from our e-commerce site http://icofubar.com.


Mark Puhl

Owner & CEO

US Army Veteran

Tactical gear and Body armor sales representative

Logistics and Marketing manager




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