Busting the Myth of Australia’s Gun-Free Paradise

Busting the Myth of Australia’s Gun-Free Paradise

We all have an ideal image of a free world without the fear of rampant violent offenders walking the streets threatening our livelihood. Government officials across the globe are taking initiatives to enforce specific laws with the intention to reduce the availability of deadly weapons to criminals.

Our leaders may have an agenda to create the perfect Utopian paradise, but what level of benefits do they find worth sacrificing your liberties for? There is no doubt a fine line between enforced safety and the manipulation of a society. The first road to overcoming any problem is by seeing the situation for what it truly is and weighing the facts. You are more than capable of making your own decisions and educating yourself on the best practices to safeguard your loved ones from harm. Here you’ll see the cold hard truth about Australia’s crime statistics and whether the anti-gun legislation has ensured your safety as a civilian.

A Brief History Of Australia’s Recent Gun Laws

The Australian government has enacted countless laws to counteract crime trends over the last 25 years. In 1996 The National Firearms Agreement was passed after the mass shooting in Tasmania. There were bans passed under that law on semi-automatics, shotguns, self-loading rifles, along with strict licensing requirements. It also forced a mandatory buy-back on those banned firearms. This left thousands of upstanding citizens having to suffer for the actions of one insane criminal. Not only were 640,000 firearms forcibly surrendered, but a staggering 60,00 non-banned rifles were voluntarily relinquished. These surrenders accounted for an estimated 20 percent of all firearms in the country according to a statistical report by the Library Of Congress.

Australia’s Criminal Population

Despite these extensive efforts to lower the density of weapons by disarming law-abiding Australians, it’s no surprise that the lawbreaking fringes of society remain almost entirely unaffected. A criminal who is already intending on using a weapon to indulge in a life of crime wouldn’t have a need to obtain that weapon legally. These efforts have had some effect on criminal offenses in Australian most notably the rise in unarmed murders during the following five years after The National Firearms Agreement was established.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, homicide rates have remained fairly steady since 1996. The homicidal death rate started at 354 per year in 1996, hit a high of 385 in 1999, and it’s lowest occurrence was 261 deaths in 2010 leveling out at an average of around 300 per year with no change. Recent homicide studies seem to be wholly non-existent. The official AIC government crime statistics website doesn’t seem to make any discernible or noticeable mention of recent numbers within the last four years. However, the site relentlessly boasts drops in gun-related homicides being replaced with other choices of murder weapons being the highlighted culprit and purveyor of these crimes. The homicide rate is staying virtually the same with natural highs and lows over the years.

So What Can You Do To Protect Your Family?

Whether you choose to see recent legislation as beneficial or ineffectual, the fact still remains that there are always going to be dangers present in every country, province, and city. The best way to combat these daily perils is with proper planning and a preventative mindset. Since an offensive strategy may be almost legally impossible, your priority should be a defensive strategy. Given the technological advances of self-defense, you can make your daily life safer for yourself and those who are dearest to you.

Body Armour

If you live in populated rural areas or in a large city your first choice of protection should be proper body armor. You may have little warning when a riot or dispute breaks out like it did in the 2012 Sydney riots. You could be enjoying your day at home, or out about your business, and find yourself in the middle of civil unrest with no proper protection. Don’t be found unprepared when trouble comes your way. The new lightweight body armors can be an invaluable investment for any individual.

Reinforcing Your Home

You can take measures to protect your family by upgrading your home security. It’s always a smart idea to have surveillance cameras for not only evidence in the event of a theft, but also for safely monitoring an intruder’s whereabouts during a break in. You can upgrade to heavy-duty security doors, shatter-proof windows, and audible alarms to keep you on guard.

Self Defense Gear

Although you may be severely limited when choosing offensive means to defend yourself, there are non-deadly alternatives. Self-defense pepper sprays, tasers, and legally acceptable weapons will at least leave you with some self-sustained measures of fending off an attacker. Always follow your specific local laws and guidelines when using any self-defense devices. When traveling between different cities, the laws may vary between them as well.

Unarmed Combat Training

If you are physically able to take a self-defense course, it can save your life during a tough situation. There are usually several defensive combat training courses available in any major metropolitan area. You will typically have a lot of choices when it comes to unarmed defense courses ranging from martial arts, boxing, and general self-defense techniques.

In addition to unarmed combat training, you should also see what you can do about learning the ways around a gun. You don’t need to own one, obviously, but there is a lot of value in learning how to handle a weapon that could be used against you. Take yourself and other loved ones to a shooting range, and make sure to learn as much as possible. You can also make sure you’re using the correct targets to help prepare for the worst case scenarios instead of just using target circles.

Legal Protection

Even after an event is over you may have trouble with the legal ramifications of the ordeal. You may have unknowingly broken a law by defending yourself. Try to have precautions laid out ahead of time by contacting a lawyer and consulting with them to better understand your rights. In the case of a legal battle between you and your attacker always have a representative on your behalf to make sure you don’t fall victim to the legal system.

You Control Your Safety

In the end, you are ultimately in control of your own defense. The decisions you make, how you plan, and your preventative actions are going to keep you safer than low crime statistics. Take control of your well-being by being prepared when you cross paths with the wrong person.

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