Do Combat Medics Need Armor

Do Combat Medics Need Armor?

Army medics are extremely valuable. Combat medics have improved the survival rate of soldiers to 90% compared to less than 70% in World War II with increased training, better medical equipment, and more armor than in previous years. However, many medics still get shot down, leaving platoons of men vulnerable to hemorrhaging and death from…


High Cut Helmet Review

Thanks urbanwar88 for an in-depth customer product review on our Kevlar High Cut helmet from our tactical gear section. All of our Kevlar helmets are rated NIJ IIIA, protecting up to 9mm FMJ/.44 mag rounds. THREAT LEVEL NIJ IIIA FEATURES Impact absorbing internal padding system Dual lateral rail system Aircraft aluminum grade NVG shroud Four-point adjustable chinstrap…


Security Boston

  We adopt a consultative approach in our delivery of Private Security. We understand that investing time to fully understand our clients and their needs is imperative. This empowers us to construct a coherent picture that risk plays in relation to our clients’ extensive business. We at Security Boston provide Executive Protection | Private Security…